Property Management

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STERLING REAL ESTATE, LLC is a full service real estate asset management and leasing company that was formed to complement Chatham Bay’s investment management objectives. Sterling manages all property owned by Chatham Bay, its investors/partners and select third-parties.


Sterling’s strategy to add value to its managed assets centers around continual, hands-on management. Enhanced financial performance is the metric by which proficient asset management is judged. CBS strives to enhance financial performance by increasing operating efficiency, addressing deferred maintenance, repositioning, & aggressive marketing.


A real estate asset will only achieve 100% of its performance potential when the specific opportunities and challenges of the asset are fully, and continually addressed. As such, the professionals at Sterling bring their collective experience to bear in designing a strategic plan for each individual asset that the company manages.


The company collaborates with Chatham Bay and CBCS to coordinate project acquisitions and dispositions, financing, development and construction management.


One of the many benefits of vertical integration is the big picture perspective that only comes from the experience of managing every part of the real estate process from project inception to stabilization. Each process is crucial to the overall economic success of the venture, and none more so than attracting and retaining good tenants.

In addition to day-to-day operations, Sterling performs the following services:

Property Management


Asset Management


Risk Management


Energy Management


Strategic Planning


Marketing & Leasing


Market Assessments


Project Positioning/Repositioning


Public Relations


Preventative Maintenance


Mechanical Equipment Servicing


Tenant Coordination


Site & Facility Security


Vendor Contract Negotiations






Financial Planning


Feasibility Studies


Competitive Analysis


Tax Analysis

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