What inspires us most is what we and our partners will do next.

What inspires us most is what we and our partners will do next.

What inspires us most is what we and our partners will do next.

We are developers, builders, and trusted collaborators.

Formed in 2006,  The Chatham Bay Group is a vertically-integrated real estate investment, development, and management firm.

We focus on transforming assets that other firms may overlook or undervalue into spaces that evoke emotional connection and enhance surrounding areas.

Our boutique structure as a privately held company allows for flexibility to underwrite and execute deals of all asset types, sizes, and structures in order to secure the best opportunities in the market and generate superior, risk-adjusted returns for our partners.

Our senior leadership team has worked together for over 15 years and has collectively acquired and developed distinct, design-driven residential and commercial real estate with a combined capitalized cost in excess of $500 million, over multiple market cycles

Our Approach

Our approach is driven by the following philosophy:

Think Differently and Aim to Inspire

Our goal is always to create spaces that inspire the soul, improve local communities, and minimize environmental impact.

Central to our value-driven strategy is the cultivation of one-of-a-kind design and branding identity, bringing fresh life, creative energy, and a signature touch to every property — whether a new construction, a repositioning, or extensive rehabilitation.

Be Disciplined and Identify a Clear Competitive Advantage

Fundamentals of supply & demand, the existence of a compelling competitive advantage, and our assessment of our ability to execute are the paramount factors in project selection. Our ability to underwrite an asset’s underlying collateral value prior to investment is fundamental to our success.

Once a potential opportunity is identified, our team will begin a rigorous and systematic analysis of demographic trends, supply/demand fundamentals, and the competitive set in an effort to identify a clear and compelling competitive advantage. We rely on the expertise of our in-house management and operating affiliates for hands-on execution from inception to completion.


Mitigate Risk and Create Value at Every Stage

Risk Mitigation

  • Mitigate risk through phasing, pre-selling, pre-leasing, and re-tenanting
  • Whenever possible, obtain attractive third-party contributions such as tax credits, governmental programs such as TIFFs, TADs, CDDs, and seller financings to further reduce our cost basis.
  • Create dual liquidity options of recapitalization and disposition upon stabilization.

Value Creation

  • Target disinterested sellers & markets with high barriers-to-competition.
  • Acquire at a discount to the competitive set.
  • Add value through entitlements & assemblage.
  • Create income streams rather than acquiring them.